Wednesday, June 28, 2006


arab wars

I'm still studying how to implement war between the Arab countries. I've thought about a simplified model, in which for example if Egypt is at war with Libya only half or 2/3 of its army will be available against Israel. This model would be much simpler to do but would reduce realism and fun. Otherwise I might use the same detailed calculator that is used for war between Arabs and Israel, but that would be a hell to do, and I risk to get lost, especially with a.i.
Also, I eventually decided not to participate in that competition. Simply, because there's still not much to play with in the game.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


a small break

I've taken a small break, I explored new ways to improve the graphics, plus I reinstalled winxp 5 times.
I'm back now and I'm setting up the relations between the arab countries: for each couple I'll setup a scale of relations form -2 to +2, that means from a 25% of chances of war between the couple per turn, to a 25% of chances of an alliance between the couple per turn.

Friday, June 16, 2006


version 0.6

I'm uploading now version 0.6
War has been added between Israel and Egypt, Sirya, Lebanon and Jordan. War between these countries can be triggered by the player by selecting the "start invasion" option, in that case the player will be accounted for the war and he'll lose one policy token till the end of that war to model the loss of options a government has when it starts a war. If war is declared upon the player there will be no loss of tokens nor of loss of points at the end of the game. If one wants to test this option can repeatedly try to assassinate the leader of one those countries, at the second or third attempt that country will declare war on Israel. To advance one turn as always press Z, while to reset everything press SPACEBAR.
Note: I'll have to adjust the modifiers for government's stability, I've seen that almost all Arab government where falling after a couple of turns...
Next task is to setup relations between the Arabs.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


d'oh stupid

Stupid it's too slow! yesterday I posted 23 times the same thing because it was all blocked...

Monday, June 05, 2006


and stops my mind from wandering

The part concerning war is done, I'll just have to apply the same calculation for all the countries bordering Israel. This will complete version 0.6, while in 0.7 I'll set up an ai for wars between the Arabs.
However I made a test and I think I adopted very nice solutions, the player could find himself in terrible numerical inferiority and still kicking hard the enemy! the concept of mobile reserve could be found also in the original game, for the units could be removed from or deployed to the fronts, but in many matches I made I never used this feature, and usually I found myself to defeat the Arab countries one after another, while I'd like the player to find himself attacked on all fronts at the same time.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


war (reprise)

The calculation for the battles is almost completed. I still have to place a security mechanism let's say. The reason is that the player could sniff the mechanism behind the battle resolution, and he could place just a couple of units on a certain front, maybe against 80 enemy units, because his initiative will make sure that the calculation is based on his two units! that means the calculation will have a counter of two, and then the battle will cease for that turn. I will insert a mechanism so that if the player has less than 1/5 (or another fraction, I'll have to test it) of the enemy's units the initiative will pass in any case to the enemy.

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