Tuesday, August 28, 2007


back in action

At the end of a brief vacation I took a decision: the game will be completely re-written! in one of the last posts I wrote that someone would have thought the project was vaporware, but then I thought that I had no publisher, no fixed schedules, and (almost) no one waiting for the game. This project started as a means to learn how to program, now I want to implement more advanced topics in the game structure. And honestly, since I'll have to release the source code, I want to release something decent, otherwise the whole quest3d community would laugh at me.
I feel pretty confident now, and since I'll re-use the media assets, the whole re-write should not take an infinite time: I estimate three months to arrive where I am now with the current code.
The last reason I decided so is that I'm convinced that learning how to make a game at 70% means learning how to make a plan, making a clear project of all the features of the game in a well ordered manner. Let's say I want to learn the logistics of making a game, because so far I proceeded without a plan, and the whole game performance suffers from this.
I know this blog is followed by some people (the latest version was downloaded 20 times), and I'm sorry to issue a new delay, but the alternative was to produce a buggy load of bad code that was really a misery to work upon.
Sursum corda!

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