Monday, June 23, 2008


Down South Camp Meeting

I'm putting all together. All the sections I've been working upon in the last months are being checked and ordered to create what was missing in all the previous releases: the turn-based system. Not only it is a particularly delicate operation, but also I'm facing a new job, so I can't tell how long it will take for a new release. However for my schedule I'm at version 0.95

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


new download link

If you happen to hate rapidshare or have to another problem downloading from it here's another download link.

If you know another affordable free file hosting and sharing service let me know!

Thursday, June 05, 2008



Here's version 0.94; it does not add too much at this point, I uploaded it only to show the menus and the initial newspaper, which shows the game objectives in disguise: they are stated as electoral promises made by the player during his campaign and repeated in an imaginary speech in the Knesset. As a debug option you can press "d" in the newspaper screen to change the game objectives, just to have an idea of how it will work. I like the objectives, they help the player decide which course of action to take, but the player is not forced to follow them to win the game, he'll always have freedom of action.
There will be newspapers between turns also, to show a selection of what happened.
Note: only the "new game" option works right now, to exit the game just press esc.

A note on overlapping windows in the battle screen: they are not overlapping! the window on the right of the screen partly covers the battlefield and the enemy units when zooming in, but this is ok, since the focus of the action is upon Israeli units, which are always completely shown (unless I decide to let the player rotate at 360° the tactical battlefield, I haven't decided yet).

Here's the link:


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