Friday, May 26, 2006



After 10 days of inactivity due to my CCNA exam I'm working again on war. I've set up a simple mechanism for the battle resolution based on one factor: proficiency of the armies involved. It is a simple value which every round is compared to a random value, this comparison will determine if a unit has succeeded to destroy the enemy unit. If not the enemy has a counterattack at disposal. The calculation is repeated for every unit in the best army, which is the army with the highest proficiency. The reason is that the best army will retain the initiative and will impose it's pace on the worse army.
I'm not sure I'll submit the game to the q3d contest. My poor little game is still in an early stage of development, I risk to show the worst thing ever done in human history.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


version 0.5

I'm uploading version o.5 in the usual yahoo mail account. This time the file has been splitted in two because of the dimensions. The news is that now the player can try to kill the leader, which will trigger a civil war: when a dictator gets killed it is likely that everybody in his entourage will try to become the new chief. The chances of success are given by the public opinion (I've already explained what is intended with public opinion in this game): the more the public opinion sympathizes with Israel the more it will give a hand to the Israeli spy. A gray skull appears in the middle of the country which precipitates in a civil war, and a lot of points will be detracted from the player's final score.
I forgot to explain the basic commands. Left click selects a country and the policy options. Right click goes back to the main map. With "Z" the player advances by one turn. Spacebar is used to generate new random values.
My next task is an important one: war! I will have to setup a basic war modifier, so that war with a country gets closer or farther given the policy followed by the player. I'll also have to setup a basic AI so that Arab countries make war with each other...

Friday, May 05, 2006


opposition (again)

I'm working on the effects of a winning democratic or islamist revolution. Simply, like in the original version, the country the revolution succeed is out of the game. It would be interesting to have the player to care about the stability of a newly created democracy in a country, but that would be beyond the scope of the game, which is not open-ended.
Another issue is with Iran, which is already an Islamist republic, so the player would be only allowed to finance the democratic opposition, or might substitude the islamist opposition with a marxist one, but I'm not sure how many marxists there are in Iran.
One last word: in the game there's the democratic opposition, which only means pro-western opposition, because if we look at Algeria or Palestine we see islamist movements reaching power through democracy.

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