Wednesday, May 30, 2007


so many things to do...

...and so little time.
Working on the feedback is quite challenging: a ton of small things that I left behind had to be done. I also slightly modified the dialog window with the policy options (those in which you can see the three characters). Everything is going fine, but it's a time consuming activity! I'll also have to work on the main map, I want to display some things like alliances, wars, revolts etc. I'm optimist on the possibility to present a decent version to the new q3d competition.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


starting version 0.9

I'm working on an additional part of the a.i., that rules the purchase of weapons by the Arab nations. I'll add also an arms race feature: if no-one starts to purchase other units then the other players will do the same, but as soon as one starts a buildup of forces his neighbors will emulate him. The decision to start an arms race on part of the a.i. will depend on the aggressiveness of the leader and the strategic situation, so a weaker nation will try to balance the strength of his neighbors.
Then I'll start working on the informative text, a painful job that I'll try to do as quickly as I can.

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