Sunday, December 22, 2013


killing floor

Why everything has to be so difficult? Why that m0th&rfU(k1ng linux has to be so stupid? I'm trying to set up the stupid postgresql with the stupid phppgadmin as the frontend, and I just can't have it work properly, I've scanned the whole internet to find a solution but the stupid phppgadmin page won't accept my stupid credentials.
I don't mind too much anyway, I'm spending some time on Little Britain dvds.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


New link for source code

Here's the link for the source code as requested by Shorack, I did upload it on but never shared it, I can't remember why.

Remember that you'll need quest3d to view it.

Talking about the new project I've spent the last days just thinking about it. I came to the conclusion that I'll try to have most operations performed on underlying databases rather than quest3d itself. If I'll ever migrate to unity3d I'll have less work to do on the code. I'm now investigating the best way to have a db make the geospatial calculations that I need.

Monday, December 09, 2013


Absolutely Sweet Marie (live from San Francisco Bay Blues)

It has been a while since the last, real post.
After all, when the game was done I had no reason to write here, since this was a development diary. I had many other ideas for new games though, and I kept studying and developing them, but avoiding writing about them since I was not sure they'd ever see the light.
I then started three extremely time-consuming activities: raising a baby, studying for a small Cisco exam, raising a second baby.
Now that the children have grown up a bit, and now that I earned my much-deserved CCIE number, I have some spare time again.
I still have to adapt to my new post-CCIE life. For now I have really no energy left to learn new things, I can't even read a game manual, so I think that for a while I'll not pursue a new professional certification.
I might, however, resume an old project for a game which was really promising, and which at so many months of distance, still seem good enough to me.
It is a wego wargame, completely multiplayer, which aims also to build a sort of community of players (we might call it the social aspect of the project, even if I don't quite like this abused term).
There's a central idea which makes it unique, as far as I know it no other wargame has it, so it's very original.
Will this game ever see the light? I really don't know, but to write about it will somehow force me to keep working on it.
I'll not sacrifice my life for it, anyway, I sacrificed so much for the exam that my priority will be my family, but I'll try to work on it a bit every day and keep the blog updated.
I still see some people downloading the venerable CMEPS! who knows, maybe someone will even read this post.

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