Friday, March 23, 2007



I'm late on the schedule, terribly late. The reason: the new war system (which is complete) needed a different handling of the turns. I'm coming up in these days with a new flow for the entire program. It seems a big issue but it's not, it'll only take some time.
I realize I really had to completely design the game before starting programming, I made so many mistakes I could write the book "The 5000 things you shouldn't do when making a videogame", but the experience points gained are a lot, and my desire to produce a complete product is stronger than ever.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


the new war system reprise

I've finished the new war engine at 90%. I'm now working on the interface of the military deployment menu: I decided that, even if it's probably the hardest activity I've done in the develompment process, the visual design of the screens is of the utmost importance. I reckon I'll spend another two weeks working on the new interface: it will let the player decide the deployment of the units directly on a map and no more through horrible buttons.

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