Sunday, March 19, 2006



I've added the modifiers that link the leadership strength with the public opinion and the overall relations. The sense is this: a strong leadership will influence the public opinion and it will convince it about its foreign relations with Israel. A weak leadership will be influenced by the public opinion about the same subject. With an average leadership the calculation is slightly more complicated but let's say it will influence or it will be influenced by the public opinion given certain conditions. What is the public opinion related to the Arab countries? it is not to be intended like in western nations, it is more or less the influence that the historical families, the factions, the local clerics have on the national government. Even if the Arab nations are not democracies it doesn't mean that political power is not shared among many people: on the contrary there's a complex web of relations (that neither experts can fully grasp) on various levels of society that mount a pressure on governments. This pressure is condensed in the expression "public opinion": it is a tremendous force that weak leaders can mount, and that strong men can influence. This week I'll add the modifiers for stability: in general, the wider the gap between public opinion and foreign relations as set by the leadership, the less stable will be that regime; the stronger the leadership, the more stable will be that regime. I hope my English is clear enough.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


third release

It is time to release another version. It is possible to select only Libya and Egypt but it is enough to see how the tokens and the mobile reserve will work. I will now work on the invisible modifiers and on the visible messages appearing on the displays (on the big white stripe beneath the military options). The file is available on the usual yahoo mail account. David, what do you think about what has been done so far? do you like the new ideas I've had?

Saturday, March 04, 2006


new concept

I've modified the army deployment options: now the player can deploy the exact number of units on a front, retire some troops on another front etc. This way I can simulate the strategy of the internal lines, thus rendering the battles more dynamic. No other additions, I've had two busy weeks.

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