Thursday, October 12, 2017


Till the morning comes

7 months without an update are too much even for me. I've rebuild the game from scratch, using mysql as a local db instance, instead of relying only on in-game arrays. Some operations are much more consistent now, and the game is more scalable.
I'm more or less at the same stage of 7 months ago, that means I'm building the scenario maker, while the map maker is complete.
The potential is good, I still haven't done a real map though, I want to concentrate on building things while I'll leave tweaks for later. Frame-rate is worrying me, my pc isn't exactly powerful but it's not even a disaster, I suspect that texturing the terrains is the real problem, so I might decide to only show textures at a certain distance, and replace them with solid colours when zooming out.
The website is under constant attack, I'm worried I'll have to reinstall everything very soon, or that I'll have to implement some ips, the spam also is crazy.
I might release another demo soon.

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