Friday, August 08, 2008


Never Going Back Again

Hey, I'm still alive! it's a lot I don't post anything, but I've worked so hard (on the game and on my job place!) and I've reached version 0.9, so the next post you can expect version 1.0. Beware: this will not be the final version, it will for sure be full of bugs and will have to be player over and over to adjust the balance, but it will be complete because it will have everything I planned.

I've replied to Amnon privately, and I saw his version: I like it and I'd like to see it complete!

@cyrus: I appreciate your constructive critic, and I have to say you're absolutely right in many respects: my version is not a clone of the original game, not anymore at least. When I started to build the game (years ago now...) I wanted to do only a remake. When the months passed I started thinking about ways to improve the original and then I decided what I wanted: an innovation respectful of tradition. I think I didn't miss my objective, as the game's structure is unchanged from the original. I added some things (the policy tokens for example or the elections) which do not alter the spirit; and I radically changed one thing, war, for which in my opinion the original did not give the player enough control.
Honestly, I wonder why making a simple clone with better graphics? even Amnon's version is different because it puts more countries in the cauldron. That's why I hope I can play with Amnon's final version one day, because it's different while being familiar.

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