Monday, November 26, 2007


Build It Up - Tear It Down

I'll soon have another slice of CCNP exam: ISCW! so I'll revert again to the good old rule 80/20 (percentage of time dedicated to study/to the rest of my life including confmeps).
In the meantime I have been more and more busy thinking about the main map of the game: a long time ago I boosted my abilities at making a decent 3d map with some shading. The result is a rectangular map floating in the middle of nowhere. Truly, I don't like it anymore, so I might throw away the hard work of those months for a new concept of map, enormously simpler but much more fit for the game. For me it's not difficult to choose something that works better in the overall picture even if the alternative costed me a lot of sleepless nights. However the final map might be (I haven't decided yet) a spherical map that the player would look at as if he was from space.

Friday, November 09, 2007


bsci passed

Just a small note, I took that damn exam again and I passed it. It's about one week I'm on cmeps again.

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