Tuesday, March 31, 2009


answer to fubb

I reply here to Fubb as it might be of some interest to others.

He wrote:
"Great game, I only have one problem...I keep losing elections! How can I win one? I thought i was doing great, I enacted a bunch of my funds until the Palestinian crisis required 0 to maintain the current situation, and i was friednly to my neighbours (though if I had won the election, I would have bombed a Lebanese nuclear facility)"

You always have to keep an eye to the domestic public opinion, because it's the parameter that will decide the outcome of the elections. Try to have the domestic public opinion rise by choosing the right diplomatic options. Remember that you'll be able to see the overall effect of your decisions on all the game parameters through the three columns in the foreign policy screen: the right column is the predicted future value for each parameter given the current decisions, so use the right column as a forecast for what will happen in the next turn. Check the picture below to locate the domestic policy counters

Remember also that a good way to win the elections is to have the electoral promises fulfilled: they'll grant you a bonus on the public opinion that will greatly help your party as it's quite unique to see electoral promises fulfilled. Check the manual for details on the elections results.
Another way to win the elections is to win wars, they pay a lot in terms of popularity especially if you are considered as the offended side. Obviously if you've got a weak army it would not be wise to pursue the military option, so be careful to assess your situation and that of your neighbours: remember political realism!

A note on the Palestinian situation: keeping the level of unrest low will not grant you domestic popularity, it will only ensure that in the next turn you'll not have to spend much more to control the situation. Plus, a very bad situation will cause kamikaze attacks in Israel, and that will cause domestic public opinion go down, so definitely you should keep the situation under control from the start.
You might consider granting independence to Palestine, which has a lot of diplomatic advantages, but again will cause domestic public opinion tumble, so it's better to do that in the first turns, when you haven't too much to lose in terms of popularity.

Feel free to ask if you've got further questions.

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