Thursday, February 12, 2009


the end

The moment of truth has arrived, the point three years ago I imagined to be: follow the link and you’ll find the official release of the game!

It’s named version 1.2, I’ve added many tweaks and enhancements since 1.1, and I corrected a lot of bugs. It is the first stable and balanced release, so now I’ll accept comments and reviews; prior to this I never considerated critics as “legitimate” because even versions 1.0 and 1.1 were, in my plans, not definitive (but in any case I respected all the critics and took some design decisions based on them).

I’m sure that there’s some bugs I couldn’t see, and, most important, I’m quite sure I can change the various game items to further tune the balance. However in order to do this I need some people to play, because all the bugs simply can’t be found unless a certain number of games are played. The same applies to game balance: I can play over and over but my vision is biased, I must gather the opinions of many people who have played many times to further change the game settings properly. In spite of this I consider this version stable and balanced as I said, and from now on all future releases are the be considered as patches.

I rewrote a lot of sections of the manual. In any case consider that English is not my mother tongue, so please forgive any mistake I've done, both in the manual and in the game.

At this point I must thank again David Eastman, all the people who patiently read the blog and tried the earlier versions sharing their thoughts. For those interested the complete source code is available also, take a look at quest3d community forum to read comments on the code. I'll post a thread also on forums, it will be easier for me to answer questions in the forum than on this blog.

GAME VERSION 1.2 (gamefront link updated 26-3-18)

Note: download links have been updated, the link on filefront is now the official one.


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