Wednesday, October 17, 2007


a bad day

For the first time I didn't pass an exam: Cisco BSCI. I tried it today and I failed. Porca puttana.

Also, talking about lost battles: a three years-long match at "The Operational Art of War" ended yesterday with my side completely defeated.

I'll be back on Conflict the day I'll be certified.

Friday, October 05, 2007


gli impermeabili

I still have no new .exe to present, sorry. Btw I see somebody is still downloading the old version, they'll be disappointed for sure.
However, everything is going fine, I almost finished the diplomatic a.i., the good thing now is that a unique section controls the a.i. for all the Arab countries, in the previous version every country had its own a.i. section with a huge waste of cpu computing time.
I thought it would have been nice to include a screenshot of quest3d workspace, so here's a so called "channel group". The resolution is too low to distinguish anything more than little blocks linked together, those blocks are actually what makes q3d such a beautiful program.

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