Thursday, February 22, 2007


the new war system #2

There isn't much to say: I'm still working on the war system. However I would never leave my four readers with empty hands, so here's a screenshot of the new GUI, this is the screen of the displomatic options, pretty self-explanatory. The screen for the military options is being created, it will be more complex, and less polite, but I have to speed up the creation because I want to present the game for a competition on

Friday, February 02, 2007


working hard on the new war system

The title says it all. The old war system is being replaced by a new one. The old system was very buggy, probably the worst coded section of the game. Not only I'm rewriting it, but also I thought about a whole new sub-section of the game.

First of all, the player will have five army corps: tanks, helos, artillery, infantry, SAMs.
For both players:
tanks will attack artillery
helos will attack tanks
artillery will attack infantry
infantry will attack SAMs
SAMs will attack helos
This is gonna make war more spicy, even because the player will be able to choose the deployment (offensive or defensive) of the five corps for each front. The battles will be fought at turns (e.g. first the Israeli tanks will attack, then egyptian infantry will): the player, and the a.i., will choose the attack order at each turn. The player retaining the initiative will have the first move. The -hopefully- intriguing thing is that the human player will have to carefully plan the order of attack to maximize his advantages.

After this model will be completed I'll release version 0.8.
I reckon this is gonna take a couple of months.

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