Saturday, October 18, 2008


We're Not Gonna Take It

I admit that it's impossible to remember the effects of all buttons, so I've added a sort of strip that reports all the values modified by the decisions of the player (e.g. bombing the nuclear reactor of a country has effects on domestic public opinion, on the relations with the U.S.A. etc); these side-effects were reported on the manual but obviously it is better to see them in the game.
Also, I solved some other major bugs.
I'd like to answer some of the critics I received after version 1.0:

1) it is too complicated: it is complex, but the player can decide how deep it wants to go both in war and in purchasing new units, two sections where it is difficult to take decisions due to the "asymmetrical" nature of units (for example infantry does not target enemy infantry but rocket artillery and helicopter, and is targeted by enemy artillery and tanks): Moshe Dayan is there to do almost all the job for you. Also, the manual for sure will be changed to explain better all the game's features.

2) the gui is not user-friendly: I've spent a lot of time thinking about the most essential and functional interface. Being a hobbyist I am absolutely sure that it's better to aim low than trying to impress the people with special effects whose consequence is to make the interface unintelligible. The interface is not aesthetically pleasing, but I think it's clear. Again, if the manual is not clear in this respect, I'll change it.

3) the tactical screen is slow: yes, it's slow, but not too much. I'll try to make it run smoother.

Soon version 1.1

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