Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Triumphant was the way she felt

Still working on a decent visualization model for mountains. I have to ditch all the previous visualization techniques I have used so far, they don't look good. I tried various semi-random placement of tiles, but they all look ugly because of the overlapping geometries. If I leave void spaces it looks even uglier, the only good results are with lots of highly overlapping tiles, but this means to waste a ton of cpu cycles and memory.
I'm now studying a way to modify in real time a prefabricated height map, if I can create valleys in realtime I can blend a premade model with a road which is placed by the game editor. It's a bit crazy as idea but it should yield the best result. I have to read every single pixel of an image, calculate a dampened rgb value based on the presence of a road, and then produce a new heightmap which is then used to create a 3d elevation geometry. It should work for reasonably small textures, and in any case it doesn't have to be a "real realtime", the modification would be called just once, maybe it will take a second or two to calculate but then the 3d model would not have to be calculated again unless a road is moved elsewhere in the editor.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


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I'm still on my procedural mountains.
I've somewhat finalized the procedural side of the thing, but now I'm working on the graphical side. The problem is that in the end I have to resort to tiles, and these tiles should blend. I did prepare a version of the tiles which had lots of small details, but this made blending more difficult, so I'll resort to a much simpler look.
What I'd like to achieve is a realistic sequence of valleys and mountain ranges.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014


senza titolo

I'm back to work after a week of bad cold.
I can see the light eventually, the new map-maker seems very promising, much more flexible than the previous approach.
The mountain-making part is taking so much, I must replicate mountain ranges, valleys, passes. I think that other map elements will not take as much time.

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