Thursday, January 08, 2015


Elvis birthday

I spent so much time in trying to save the rich and detailed graphics that world machine renders, but it was impossible. The reason is simple: the erosion simulator does not work very well with tiled renderings, there's noticeable seams and defects between the tiles. So I spent so much time in trying to render large portions of overlapping terrain, hoping that the overlapping portion could be used to minimize these artifacts. Another option was to render the whole world in a single block and then to slice the parts after the rendering, but this proved to be too daunting a task even for a machine with 32 cores and 256 gb of ram.
So I have to renounce to the erosion, which is the process that gave all the finest details to the maps, especially in the mountains. The new version of the mountains is therefore quite stylized. It's not a great tragedy, I do think that in a couple of years it will be possible to have enough computing power to achieve the desired results, and anyway the current version of the map is not so terrible.
So right now I'm in the middle of nowhere, I have to build the game from scratch. This time I decided to build the game with minimal graphics, I'll fill the gui with nicer graphic elements later, or I'll ask to a professional to do the job. In fact the last the gui was probably the hardest part to work on.

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