Wednesday, January 17, 2007


new interface

I'm at the fourth (and hopefully final) re-make of the GUI. The problem I had was: how to fill the screen with the buttons I made and rest of the graphics? the buttons etc. were not enough to fill the screen unless making them giant, a rather bad-looking solution. I realized that simply I could leave the screen with large void spaces. The background will be a darkened version of the main game map, this should leave the player with a link with what happens on the battlefield and what he makes in the options screen. These psychological problems are quite unexpected, I want to resolve every single aspect of the game, since I'm convinced a good final product will not only require coding but also a nice interface. I'll post a screenshot of the GUI as soon as it is completed.

Friday, January 05, 2007


a good GUI

Let's not consider the word game of the title. I'm redoing the gui, the buttons, the menus etc...
Including the map we can say the graphics has been redone at 100%
The game should look nicer now, I spent a lot of time merely thinking the best design, which is quite a hard activity. I can't say when everything will be done, but I really have enough of this part, merely because I have the sensation my progresses were too slow. Last night I wasted three hours just to decide that it was better to make a texture 512x128 rather than 512x64...

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