Monday, April 23, 2007


mirror download link

Here's new link to download the game, in case the other site is slow.


second release

There's a new release, this has been tested on several PCs, so it should work.
Download the archive from here, unzip, and open index.htm with Internet Explorer. If you don't have the plugin already installed it should download automatically (be sure you're connected). At the start of the relase notes I added some lines with the new instructions.
Note that the old link to download the game has been removed; note also that rapidshare has not infinite download bandwidth, so you might have to wait for a few minutes before being able to download the file.

Sunday, April 22, 2007



Obviously something went wrong, the viewer has got a couple of issues. Quest3d can be incredibly good but also enormously idiot sometimes.
I'll release a new version tomorrow that should bypass the bug in the viewer, the only minor problem is that the player will have to use a keyboard command instead of using right click.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Willy and the Poor Boys

Surprise! version 0.8 is ready! here's the link to download it (NOTE, I removed the file because the version had a bug, the new link is two posts after this one!)
In order to play the game unzip the file, then open cme folder, then double click on file called "cme08r1". If you don't have the viewer on your pc it should download automatically. To quit the program press esc.
There's some accompanying notes regarding the new controls and, more important, regarding the war.
Enjoy, and as always, if you have problems opening the game let me know.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


news of the world

I took a break this Easter, a couple of days to recharge the batteries. I have to finish copying and pasting the code that rules war for Syria and Jordan, then version 0.8 will come out.
The main tasks for the next version will be to add all the informative text and to add a menu for the player which will let him purchase more weapons. If I can do this by July I can present the game to the quest3d competition.

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