Sunday, October 26, 2014


Sunspots and Solar Eclipse

It's too early to say if the project has resurrected, but for sure not thinking about it during these days really helped.
I was stuck in a trap, since the best looking results needed tons of computational power, as world machine is a really hungry beast of software. All this time the cloud services were under my nose and I didn't consider them.
I'm currently looking at azure and aws, the processing power they give you is simply incredible, and it's exactly what I need.
So, back to the roots I'd say. No more super-complicated map makers, I go back to the original tile-based concept.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Ring of Fire

Sadly, the project is closed. The reason is the utter impossibility of doing a proper map maker with quest3d. Or better, it would be possible but it would be so badly looking that the whole project would be nothing more than a pure demonstration, it would never be really playable.
I might revive it under unity, who knows, if I start learning unity now it would be at least one year before I can produce something.
I still think that what I intended to build was a very interesting and innovative idea, but for sure I'd need some help with the graphics part. So maybe if and when I'll try again with unity I'll look for a small team.

Thursday, October 09, 2014


I'm Not Down

Despite the post title I'm on the brink of closing the project.
I've spent the whole summer and the start of the fall to develop different visualization models.
None of them solves at 100% my problems.
I'll try to resort to a hybrid mode, half will be done with dynamic heightmaps and half with static and more detailed meshes.
I'm also on the verge of switching to Unity or Unreal, but the idea of learning another uber-complex tool from scratch is appalling, especially because I'm not sure which one to pick. Unity is free and I think the asset store is great, but UE4's blueprints look really closer to Quest3d.

Friday, October 03, 2014


Let's Go Away For A While

This last method works. So basically I'll apply a dynamic alpha value to a static heightmap. This will simulate the valleys in a convincing way, while letting the player to place valleys and roads wherever he wants. It took me about two months. Nice.

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