Sunday, January 31, 2016


Gran Vals #2

I've tested the upload function to the central db. This will permit users to upload their maps and manage them, the local save feature will still remain if one wants to have a local copy of his files, but the central db will be the only way to play.
In the next update I'll include these functions, and then I'll start working on the scenario maker, which will take an existing map to create a scenario around and upon it. It's still a long way to go, but I have very clear in mind how to proceed.
Meanwhile, the map maker has been downloaded a total of 1 times! and it was me testing the link! but I'm not worried, it's still early to advertise the game.
What I don't know is if someone is reading the blog, if so any comment would be appreciated.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


new erosion function

I made a small addition to the mountain generator, and now I'm able to produce very good looking results with mountains.
Here's an example of an island, covered with forests and a central mountain range and one beach in the south-west. I guess this would be a really hard nut to crack for every invader.

Monday, January 18, 2016


Gran Vals

The map maker is here!
Just follow this link
and install where you want.
Here'a brief instructions for the map maker, at this stage there's little utility in using it, but you can indeed create complete maps.
When you open pg.exe you'll find yourself in this situation

This is the map maker.
At the bottom of the screen you find the icons for creating a new map, loading, saving, loading an overlay image, setting the overlay on/off, setting the grid on/off, and exiting to the main menu (which is empty).
At the right there's the terrain type menu, which is visible when bringing the mouse near the edge of the screen.

You can select a terrain type and then paint by pressing z (I need to adjust this in order to paint with standard left mouse button).
The buttons to the immediate left of each terrain type let you to activate the eraser, the topmost of these smaller icons lets you choose whether or not to paint coasts or beaches along with the desired terrain, this choice is not valid for example for roads or rivers. The last of these smaller icons activates the global eraser. Just click again to deactivate the eraser.
If you select a plain type of terrain (e.g. farmland, which is the first), you'll see new icons at the top of the screen, these buttons let you choose the size of the painter.
To navigate the map is very easy: right mouse button rotates the view, middle mouse moves on xy axis, use the scrolling wheel to zoom in and out, if you press both right and middle mouse buttons you can zoom in and out more quickly.
Note that if you click the "New map" button you can choose the size, in abstract units, however given the overall proportions one unit equals 8km, so avoid the temptation to create huge maps and start small.

Thursday, January 07, 2016



The map-maker is almost done. It's amazing to think that until a few months ago I had no reason to belive in this project, and now it's becoming real under my eyes.
I want to release a first version with the map-maker working when some other bits have been finished, so stay tuned.

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