Monday, December 09, 2013


Absolutely Sweet Marie (live from San Francisco Bay Blues)

It has been a while since the last, real post.
After all, when the game was done I had no reason to write here, since this was a development diary. I had many other ideas for new games though, and I kept studying and developing them, but avoiding writing about them since I was not sure they'd ever see the light.
I then started three extremely time-consuming activities: raising a baby, studying for a small Cisco exam, raising a second baby.
Now that the children have grown up a bit, and now that I earned my much-deserved CCIE number, I have some spare time again.
I still have to adapt to my new post-CCIE life. For now I have really no energy left to learn new things, I can't even read a game manual, so I think that for a while I'll not pursue a new professional certification.
I might, however, resume an old project for a game which was really promising, and which at so many months of distance, still seem good enough to me.
It is a wego wargame, completely multiplayer, which aims also to build a sort of community of players (we might call it the social aspect of the project, even if I don't quite like this abused term).
There's a central idea which makes it unique, as far as I know it no other wargame has it, so it's very original.
Will this game ever see the light? I really don't know, but to write about it will somehow force me to keep working on it.
I'll not sacrifice my life for it, anyway, I sacrificed so much for the exam that my priority will be my family, but I'll try to work on it a bit every day and keep the blog updated.
I still see some people downloading the venerable CMEPS! who knows, maybe someone will even read this post.

I am one of those still downloading (and playing) Confict Middle East. ;)

And i was very interested at peaking into your source code which you did generously put online. But sadly, the link is dead (well, the server always gives a 500 error)

Any chance to get it any other way? :)
Hi, for reasons unknown to myself I did upload the source code on but didn't write about the new link, I've made a post with it and also updated the old posts.
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