Friday, June 16, 2006


version 0.6

I'm uploading now version 0.6
War has been added between Israel and Egypt, Sirya, Lebanon and Jordan. War between these countries can be triggered by the player by selecting the "start invasion" option, in that case the player will be accounted for the war and he'll lose one policy token till the end of that war to model the loss of options a government has when it starts a war. If war is declared upon the player there will be no loss of tokens nor of loss of points at the end of the game. If one wants to test this option can repeatedly try to assassinate the leader of one those countries, at the second or third attempt that country will declare war on Israel. To advance one turn as always press Z, while to reset everything press SPACEBAR.
Note: I'll have to adjust the modifiers for government's stability, I've seen that almost all Arab government where falling after a couple of turns...
Next task is to setup relations between the Arabs.

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