Wednesday, October 14, 2015


The Decipherment of Linear B

To admit difficulties is always difficult, I'm no exception. I'm making no progresses with C#, in spite of a serious attempt. I think the reason is the OO approach and/or the syntax, which I find incredibly obscure.
So, another difficult admission, I'm probing Unreal Engine's blueprints, as they are supposed to be similar to quest3d's building blocks, and maybe they'll help me to grasp OO way of development.
Also, I'm actually considering that my project is clearly divided in two sections: a frontend, which is the client, that can be written with almost any middleware, and the more challenging backend. This is the real core of the program, being an online game.
The challenge lies in the fact that I must account for potentially many games at once, and I must find a way to run them all. A sort of time division multiplexing, by which every game is allotted one round of calculations and then another match is loaded, does not seem promising. But also, a 1:1 ratio of one backend running for each match is not practical. This in the end will heavily modify the mechanics of the game.
By the way, with these latest news, the game is no more vapourware and is now officially fantasyware.

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