Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Cygnet Committee

I was a bit depressed yesterday since giving up with the wm-centric approach really changed everything. I started thinking to drop quest3d altogether, since it has a poor support for landscapes, and finally switching to unity.
Then I had a sort of aha! moment (in my bed, as it usually happens) and I realized how redundant and exaggerated was to have wm build every single inch of terrain, when I simply could provision a hybrid system, a bit tile-based, a bit continuous terrain. In fact I could pre-render portions of terrains and then place them here and there on the map.
The resulting terrain would not be seamless but it will still be totally acceptable, especially because the single tiles will not be square nor hexagonal but will be ellipses, and also, by creating several versions of the terrain types and randomly using them I can create some variety.

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