Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Cielo irregolarmente nuvoloso al mattino. Dal pomeriggio aumento della nuvolosità sui rilievi con temporali che in serata potranno toccare la pianura.

Pressione al suolo: 1012 hpa
Temperature: Minime in aumento, massime stazionarie.
Venti: In pianura deboli da Ovest, in montagna deboli da Nord.
Zero Termico: A circa 3700 metri.

I'm having a bad time with the map maker system.
The solutions I've found are either quick and easy but imprecise, leading to unacceptable artifacts in the final map, or terribly complicated and definetely not scalable.
The latest solution involves a mechanism by which the user will broadly define the various terrain types, leaving the program to draw all the details. I don't find any other reasonable way to build a map that spans an equivalent amount of 4096 km2.
I'll now spend probably another 3 months in building this tool, which basically creates the shapes which are then referenced by world machine to build the various terrain types.
If it is impossible to provide an easy way to create maps I'll have to skip the map making process and deny the users the pleasure of creating their own scenarios.

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