Saturday, July 04, 2009


download link updated

Filefront has changed the url to the file, here's the new download link;13537306;/fileinfo.html

In any case I did update all the previous posts containing the link.

Note 16/12/12: given the problems that many people have with filefront I uploaded the installation files to a new hosting service, here's the link Filefront will remain available, take this new link as a mirror.

I seem to have one trouble - I am not able to find "Military Review Screen" (section 2.4 of Manual); when I click on Israel, I keep getting only "Domestic Policy Screen" - how can I switch on Military Review?
Thanks so much for help
Hi, you can switch between the two screens by using the scroll wheel of your mouse.
If you have problems let me know.
Hi Marcus.
First of all, thank you for redoing this Great game!
Now for my question; Will you make a version for Mac?
Hi Safanni, the game was developed with Quest3d, so a version for Mac depends on a future support by Quest3d of the Mac. Have you tried it with a windows virtual machine?
Dear Marcus,

I'm a big fan of the original game.
I'm very curious about your version and can not download it using the link you have posted.
Apparently the link is broken.
I'd be very grateful if you could create a new link!
Thanks in advance (-:
Hi Alon, it's strange, I just downloaded the game without any problem, have you tried with a different browser or from a different location? maybe for some reason access to the site is blocked by your isp?
Cant download the files :(
Hello Marcus, I just recently played the original CMEPS. So, when I heard that there's a remake, I searched and found the download link here in your blog. However, the link is broken and I can't download it. I really want to play your remake. Could you please upload the file again?
Hi all I just contacted gamefront it seems there's an issue with the file, I hope they can fix the problem without changing the url.
The strange thing is that the last times I received warnings about the link being broken I tried to download the files and I had no problems at all.
Have patience, if in a few days the problem does not get fixed I'll upload the file again.
I successfully downloaded your game!!! Found out that the problem is in the browser. I'm playing it right now.
What was the problem? maybe it's useful to others, actually I still can't download it,
I don't know. I just changed from Google Chrome to Tor Browser. Then I went to the gamefront link, but instead clicking Download Now, I clicked Conflict Middle East Political Simulator Files. Then I clicked the link "Conflict: M.E.P.S. And then I clicked Download Now. I don't know what the difference of this link to other links, but it only works when I'm using Tor Browser. Haven't tried other browsers, though.
Btw, nice remake!! The game works fine.
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