Tuesday, September 16, 2008


another download link

Here's a new link on filedropper, have fun.

FileDropper Free File Hosting

Well... There's still a lot of work here. If you call this version 1.0, what will be the number of the final version???

I expected larger improvments...
It seems it hasn't changed a lot from last version...

Here is some feedback:

1. Military experts will never say they expect "short war"... The duration of war is nothing to compare to the result- who wins...

2. You have that problem of double headlines.

3. Add TipTools. It's hard to remember all these tools and icons...

4. It MUST be more freindly-user.

5. There's no consistency. Jordan hates me one turn, and in the second they love me.

6. FPS in the Front Status window is extremely low.

Thats it for now...
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