Sunday, July 13, 2008


Roving Gambler

I've been working at the engine that rules the turn-based system, I started looking at the biggest bugs, and now I'm working at the newspapers between a turn and the other, this is more than enough to keep me busy!
@dorothy: what are your pc's specs?

Hello Marcus!

It's very good to see other people who try to keep the great idea of "Conflict" :-)

I've also been working on a remake. You can see a screenshot in this link:

If you would like, I can send you the latest version I made (90% of the game is complete).

I stopped working on this project about a year ago, but I can give you a lot of help.

Can I contact you with Email?
My Email is:

Amnon, I like that screen shot from your remake version even better. It is simpler, visually more neat and organized, as well as having the additional cool window preview graphic of the unit type. Marcus has a better regional map graphic. You could use a splash of color as well as some terrain detail additions in yours. Otherwise as far unit preview and unit graphic goes, Amnon yours definitely is the more desirable on a user friendly level as well as being more reminiscent of the original game.

Marcus, love what you do here, but sadly it seems you are being a bit too creative with the unit menus and it is actually working against you since you are going beyond a merely a remake and entering what may be actually conflict 2.

I really like to see the old game come to life with better graphics and some extra scenario options but to stay with the original formula and structure as much as possible.

Thanks for listening. That was just some feedback from a big fan who also happens to be originally from the Middle East (Iran to be exact and to my ancient brothers in Israel like to send you guys a warm Shalom). Love this game and I wish there was more modern Middle East turn based strategy / simulation games.
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