Sunday, April 27, 2008



I'm moving to a new house, so I'm a bit stressed, but I managed to keep working. I'm finishing the options screen for Israel, in which the player will be able to purchase new units, set the funds for nuclear research and deal with Palestinian situation, and also to review the current strategic and political situation.
First note: in the original game the player was forced to move some troops in the Palestinian territories to restore the law, here the military section is more complex, so if the situation becomes hot the player will have to spend part of the balance to maintain the order.
Second note: the options in Israel's screen are a bit unrelated to each other, for example the Palestinian situation is not related to nuclear research; rather than creating different screens for each sub-section I put everything in a single screen: the graphics will reflect this lack of relation, the result is that Israel's options screen is asymmetric.

They way you described Israels's options screen sounds interesting but is there a chance to get a screenshot? I'm curious how it looks.

Having to maintain order by not only clicking a "post brigade"-option makes definitively more sense. Will be interestting how it turns out in the end :)

Actually that brings me to another question: Will Palestinian unrest be more likely? Because in the original game you have to mess up quite a bit until things get ugly. So, in my experience, in most of the games Pastinian unrest has not really to be taken into consideration, when undertaking military operations.

Oh, and have fun in your new house! :)
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