Friday, December 14, 2007


Burning Of The Midnight Lamp

I passed the ISCW! for the next few days I'll have some rest from the books.

I'm still working on the a.i., I'm on the purchases engine. I'm at a good point having completed the a.i. engine for the deployments, the order of battle, the disposition of troops and the diplomacy.

A note on the disposition of troops: in the old version one could choose between five different dispositions, more or less aggressive, for the land units. Now it will be possible to choose between three: I think it's better because now the player will have to choose a defensive, offensive or mixed disposition for each land unit, a concept easy to grasp. Five different dispositions were simply reduntant and confusing: in this case less is more.

Second note: in my previous post I discussed the possibility to transform the map into a round globe. I thought that from a design perspective the player would lose the feeling of playing on a board, so I might abandon the idea of a round base map, and enhance the sense of being in front of a board.

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