Thursday, September 07, 2006


version 0.7

I'm uploading the new version on the new file hosting service MediaMax, is should be easier now to download the game, just clik on this link and you'll donwload a .rar file, decompress the file using winrar, you'll find many files in the directory, run the file named cme. In order to play the game you'll have to download the q3d viewer which you can find here. The controls are the same: left click on a country to bring up the menu, right click to go back to the map, press Z to advance of one turn, press spacebar to reset the game.

Now let's talk about this release: it took so long to do it, but I did a lot of things.
1) The a.i. can now take decisions whether to declare war or to offer an alliace to the other countries.
2) The a.i. can have arabs fight wars between each other.
3) If Arab country A is already at war with Arab country B, then only a fraction of A's army will be available against Israel. This fraction is partially random, partially determined by the strength of B's army.

There's a ton of things to do now, the most important of which is to add informative text for everything that happens during a turn. Now the only informative text that appears includes limited information on the internal oppositions and little else. This thing will be fixed by version 0.9. With version 0.8 I plan to finish the logic beneath all the buttons in the displays for each country (now many buttons do not have any effect). Before version 0.8 I might release version 0.75 which would add dynamic relations between arab countries. For example: A has good relations with B, but has bad relations with C. B and C sign an alliance, then A will have bad relations with B. However this feature might be added later.
If you've got any problems with the viewer let me know, for I'm using a beta release of quest3d.

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