Sunday, September 03, 2006


this time it's true

Yes, this time I'm really near version 0.7, I'll try to explain what I've done in the past two weeks. A.I. works on values that make certain decisions more or less probable, for example if a country has a weak army it will be less probable it will go on war than if it had a strong army. There many of these modifiers for each country: regarding the army, the relations with one's own neighbors, with his enemy's neighbors etc. These values are of tremendous importance for the final balance of the game, so they will have to be carefully tested and they'll have to be changed many many times. What I have done is to prepare an automatic system for the change of all of these values in a few clicks. Thanks to this, I'll be able to implement various levels of difficulty for these values in the end make the a.i. more or less aggressive.

Hi Marcus, I was wondering if you would send me an email with the password to download the game.

You can send it to

Thanks a bunch!
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