Monday, August 21, 2006


towards version 0.7 - #3

I've almost completed the code linking the war between the player and his neighbors to the war between the arab countries, a task which proved to be harder than I expected. Then I want to change to modifiers for the a.i., that currently includes too many factors and is very unbalanced. I know I scheduled version 0.7 to be ready long ago but I prefer to release a working version, plus, since this part accounts for a good 50% of the game, I don't want to speed up anything at the price of a bad final result.
A major lesson that I've learnt working on version 0.7 is the need for debug keys: for example now I have to test some triggers that should activate when nations are at war. I didn't prepare debug keys to have those nations declare war on my will, so I will have to test these conditions during normal sessions of game.

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