Saturday, July 08, 2006


relations between arabs

This part of the game is taking a bit. For every country controlled by the computer I'm setting up these relations:
1) with the bordering countries
2) with the neighbours of these bordering countries

For example, Sirya is gonna have relations with:
1) Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq
2) Iran, Egypt

Second phase: for each bordering country the relations will be the sum of these values:
a) base relation between the two countries
b) military proficiency of the two countries
c) base relations with the other bordering countries
d) military proficiency of these other bordering countries
e) relations between the bordering country and all its neighbours

Let's take Sirya again, and it's relations with Jordan, the relations will be the sum of:
a) relations Sirya-Jordan
b) military proficiencies of Syria and Jordan
c) relations Sirya-Israel, Sirya-Lebanon, Sirya-Iraq
d) military proficiencies of Israel, Lebanon, Iraq
e) relations Jordan-Israel and Jordan-Iraq

The relations with the neighbors of the bordering countries contain less variables but the principle remains the same. The values of these variables will be summed and compared each turn with a random number, thus deciding whether there will be a declaration of war or an alliance offer.
I think it will take a couple of weeks to set up all these relations.

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