Tuesday, April 11, 2006


the opposition

The oppositions modifiers are done. Basically the player can support two kinds of movements: democratic and islamist. When the player decides to start a coup the stronger movement will start the revolt, and the weaker one will join the government. The reason is that the two types of opposition are likely to fight each other for they are too different to ally in a real situation. The government would probably choose an agreement with the weaker opposition because it knows that the weaker opposition knows it would be exterminated by the stronger revolutionary party if it toppled the government. Thus the player can support both opposition because this would make the government weaker but then it would be more difficult for the coup to succeed.
Another news is that I eventually decided to work on all coutries' modifiers. So far I've been working on Libya's modifiers, so that I could easily copy and paste the code for the other countries. The code for Libya is becoming more complicated, so if I don't extend the work to all countries I risk to lose the sight of important things and to forget how I did something etc.

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