Monday, February 20, 2006



I've completed the main display with all the policy options which will be available for all the countries. I've arranged the display so that in one shot the player can decide the course of action for that country. The style probably isn't so nice, but I really preferred the player to take all the decisions in one window. There are some changes from the original: for example now the player can support or disrupt the internal dissidents choosing between the islamist or the democratic opposition. The islamist opposition will take less time to widen and to erode the government's consensus among the people, but has serious drawbacks; on the contrary the democratic opposition will take more time to grow and eventually topple a government but it will increase the final score and it will give the player a bonus of policy tokens. Another modification is the military options: the purchasing phase has disappeared, as I found it of little interest. Now the player will start with an army value of 100, and he will be able to spend a token to strengthen the army by 5 every turn. The same can do his foes. The player can deploy every turn 10 "percent" or the entire army on a certain front. It is not exactly a percentage but an absolute value, in fact if the player strengthens his army and it brings its value at 115 his options will not change: to deploy 10 or to deploy 115 (all of his army) on a certain front. When battles are fought the "percentage" of the army deployed will go down because of casualties: so for example the player deploys 20 "percent" of his army on the Siryan front the next turn he will find that 17,5 "percent" remains on that front. I don't know which word I could use instead of "percentage", however I hope the concept is clear.

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