Friday, February 10, 2006



I've spent the past three days on a new design, the original one was honestly horrible, while now the game looks much better: no more textures, everything is a 3d object! the result is that the game is faster too. The new version is available on the usual email address.
I also had an idea that would change the game's mechanics: the player will have a limited number of "policy tokens" to spend. For example he will have 5 tokens, so he will be able to establish good relations with one country, to support a dissident group, to assassinate a leader, to expand the army, and to post a brigade in the west bank, and no more than this! I will see if this concept works.
I've been experiencing something that I missed for a lot of years: new ideas. When I wanted to be a film director (at the high school) I used to have tons of ideas for plots, charachters etc. and many times these ideas came when I was about to sleep. I'm starting to experience all of this with this project, and I'm surprised that a gift I believed to be extinct only had to be fertilized.

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